New district as a city entrance to Würzburg
Campus Mitte “is the working title of a project on the Telekom site in Würzburg. According to the current status, a new three-storey office building of Deutsche Telekom, two new hotels with over 300 rooms and a parking garage with 550 parking spaces are to be built on the site.

Project start for Electro: May 2020
Planned completion: Jan 2021

Project description

Electrical installation for:

Power installations:

  • distributions,
  • power cables,
  • emergency lighting,
  • routes, channels, floor tanks,
  • main and control cables,
  • installation equipment,
  • equipotential bonding,
  • interior lighting,
  • exterior lighting

Low power installation:

  • fire alarm system,
  • cabling weak current,
  • antenna system,
  • EDV / TK network,
  • ELA system