Bildungscampus III Heilbronn

Five years ago there was not a single place of study at Europaplatz university campus; by 2019, up to 7,700 young people are expected to study here.

Building on the overall urban planning concept for the Bildungscampus III with two generous open spaces for two different universities, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation has bulided two buildings for the DHBW and Heilbronn University in the first BA. Both buildings have a three-story atrium around which seminar rooms are arranged, as well as three-story superstructures with the rooms of the departmental administration.

Gross floor area: 18,550 m2

Gross volume: 86,430 m3

We are more than happy to continue our participation in projects that have such a high positive impact to the German society.

Project description

Electrical Installation for:

Power installations :

  • distributions,
  • power cables,
  • emergency lighting,
  • routes, channels, floor tanks,
  • main and control cables,
  • installation equipment,
  • equipotential bonding,
  • interior lighting,
  • exterior lighting

Low power installation

  • fire alarm system,
  • cabling weak current,
  • antenna system,
  • EDV / TK network,
  • ELA system


Project start: Jan. 2019
Project end: Sep. 2019