Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed) -Jubail

The Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed) -SABIC is one of the largest industrial complex in Saudi Arabia.
We were indebted for upgrading and commissioning the protection and control system. The project was very complex because different manufacturers of protection relays and SCADA systems were mixed and in particular different communication protocols were mixed.
The protection relays were supplied by ABB and Siemens. The main SCADA system was SIEMENS Sicam PAS.
The main SCADA system was connected to other SCADA systems and protection relays using various protocols.
The SCADA system was connected to:
– 2x ABB Micro SCADA – via the IEC104 protocol
– 3x Siemens Sicam PAS – through IEC104, IEC101
– Communication with relays via the protocols IEC 61850, IEC103 and LSA
– ABB RTU560 – by IEC104 protocl
– etc.
A particular challenge was to set the system to manage nearly 20,000 data points and test protection relays with no production downtime.
During the project, the ETEOM team managed to gain the trust of the end customer, and it has proven worthwhile to handle extensive and complex project activities like this.


Project start: Jan. 2017
Project end: May. 2017